Old Home

Hello All,

We are now open. We know things are changing constantly and we are watching ongoing developments closely. Things will change to keep up with recommendations from the state and CDC in order to protect both clients and employees from SARS-COVID-19.

• We will schedule appointments to avoid clients coming and going at the same time.
• Disposable masks will be available for you to use while in the store.
• A limited number of guests will be allowed in the store at a time.
• We will ask that new consignments be laundered the same day you bring them in.
• And of course we will be sanitizing our establishment constantly and have hand sanitization available for you (sanitizer or sanitizing wipes).

Thank you for your understanding and support during this trying time.

The Pink Alligator is a high end consignment store located in West Lebanon, NH offering fashion clothing for women and teens. Although we cater mostly to our female clients, we have recently added men’s clothing to our inventory! With the economy the way it is, everyone wants to save as much as they can. We offer a wide variety of famous designer clothing, jewelry, and shoes at prices you seriously will not believe! Take a little time to browse our online boutique and spend less than you ever will for top shelf items! You deserve it! See why we are 2,300 clients and growing!

If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment contact us!